The 5 Best Online Paid Survey Sites To Earn Extra Money

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Awesome high paying free survey sites to make extra money online! Thanks so much for posting these survey sites. I LOVE Survey Momma and Survey Junkie. Keep up the awesome posts!

The 5 Best Online Paid Survey Sites

We have earned some extra money over the years by completing free online survey sites and earned point rewards that can be converted to cash.

Survey sites that pay you are THE most popular way that our readers make some extra money!I tried these 5 survey sites and made some decent money on the side! If you want to make extra money online then I highly recommend these easy to complete surveys that pay really well!

It is not very likely that you will make millions of dollars from completing online surveys, but it is relatively easy to make a few hundred dollars of extra side income every month!


Disclosure: There are some affiliate links below, but these are all products I highly recommend. I won’t put anything on this page that I haven’t verified and/or personally used.


Some survey sites like (e.g. Survey Junkie) will pay you to simply answer some easy questions! It really doesn’t get easier than that to make some extra money online!


This can make a HUGE difference to your financial situation if you invest the pay from the surveys into educational products (like these books) or start a money making blog.

#1 Top Tip

Our number 1 tip is to sign up for as many survey sites as you can so that you can complete the maximum amount of surveys each week.

Paid surveys are super easy to complete, making it the perfect work at home side hustle for making some extra money!

Below are some of my tips for making online surveys a profitable side business.  I have listed the best online paid survey sites for you to join.

Sign up for as many of the free best online paid survey sites as possible!The best 5 surveys for money! Thanks for posting these 5 paid surveys that you use to make REAL money online. Love it! Check out the 5 free paid surveys if you need to make some extra cash online.

We recommend signing up for all of the free online survey companies below if this is a side hustle you are interested in.

We have tested them all over the last few years and they will all pay you promptly and are 100% legitimate sites.

You can sign up for all five of the paid survey sites very easily and quickly – doing so will ensure an adequate supply of surveys sent to your email that you actually qualify for!

All five of these sites are the best online paid survey sites that we could find and they are legitimate.

Highly Recommended Survey Sites That Pay You

We have made significant money with these sites and they are great way to earn some extra money! Our favorite is Survey Junkie….but try them all and see which one you prefer!

Survey Junkie


Survey Momma

Vindale Research Surveys

Pinecone Research

Survey Junkie Review! Get Paid Daily With Online Surveys.

Only Complete Surveys on Legitimate Survey Sites

Be careful when signing up for paid survey sites. There are some ‘scammy’ sites out there – stick to those that we mention on this page and throughout the site.

I would avoid any paid survey site that requires a payment – most of the legitimate sites are free. If a survey site asks you to pay a fee for access it is most likely a scam.

Also, I would avoid any site promising more than about $75 per survey and I would expect to work for an hour or two to get paid this kind of money for a survey!

Lets be real – you will not get rich filling out these surveys (it is more of a side income source) so if a site promises too much then it is likely a scam.

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Free & Easy Ways to Make Money Online

100+ Ways to Make Extra Money

Here are some more details about my 5 favorite online surveys – these are all FREE so it doesn’t hurt to just sign-up and give them a go!

1. Survey MommaThese 5 free survey sites will help you to make extra money online very quickly.Thanks so much for posting these survey sites. I LOVE that these are legit survey sites that actually pay you.

Survey Momma is one of my favorite survey sites that partners with several other survey sites that all have great reputations. This way they can send you quite a good selection of surveys.

You can sign up for Survey Momma here.

2. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is one of the easiest paid survey sites to get started with. It is a well established, trustworthy and transparent site and it is very easy to start making money with the paid surveys. This is why I highly recommend Survey Junkie.

You can sign up for Survey Junkie here.

3. PineCone Research

Pinecone Research is one of the best online paid survey sites. I personally use them and they have a stellar reputation in the paid survey site industry. They are honest, pay reliably and the surveys are quite interesting. I love spending some time listening to music and filling out the PineCone Research surveys.

You can sign up for PineCone Research here.

4. Ebates

My wife LOVES Ebates. The first week we signed-up for Ebates, she made $100 just for purchasing through the Ebates links on items that she buys anyway! It is not a paid survey site but I thought it would be worth a mention – I promise you will love Ebates!

You can sign up for Ebates here.

5. VIP Voice

I’ve had several well-paying surveys ($50 gift certificates) with VIP Voice Surveys. They run some cool auctions/sweepstakes which makes VIP Voice a little different from most other survey sites. Highly recommended!

You can sign up for VIP Voice here.

Best Online Paid Survey Sites

Well there you have it – some of my favorite survey sites for making some extra money online. I hope you find some of these sites useful and please let me know in the comments if you have any other good suggestions to add to this list!

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