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Hello and welcome to Unconventional Prosperity. We created this website to document our journey through the world of affiliate marketing, online income generation and to share the resources that have helped us become financially independent in our early 30’s.

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We like to focus on the three things that we are most passionate about:


1. How to make extra money.

2. Blogging tips.

3. How to save money.

How We Earn $10k+ a Month Online

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Russell and Maleah


We started trading stocks online in 2014 to help payoff our student loan debt. The world of stock trading really opened our eyes to a whole new world of unlimited financial wealth and abundance in the realm of online business.

We realized that there IS a different way to live life than the conventional 9-5 job that barely makes ends meet (J. O. B. = Just Over Broke).

Through various online businesses (blogging etc.) we have been able to create a financial prosperity for ourselves that would not be possible with regular 9-5 jobs.

We started our first affiliate marketing blog in 2015 and have made over $100k from the affiliate marketing products on that blog alone.

We hope this blog will help people like us who are looking to save money, build passive income, invest and generate a much higher income than is possible in the modern day work place.

Lets face it – living paycheck to paycheck sucks so if you want to earn some extra money or learn how to start a blog to make money while you sleep then this site is for you!

The goal for Unconventional Prosperity is to introduce you to simple side hustles and help you to start a massively profitable online business, so that you can break free of what society tells you is the ‘conventional path’.

Unconventional Prosperity is all about giving you the tools and insights to break through these barriers and start earning real money online.

How To Start A Money Making Blog ASAP


So if you are looking to start a blog, we recommend reading our FREE How To Start a Blog Course. Honestly, if you have not started a money making blog yet – you are missing out on making an extra $10k+ per month or even more!


We have a ton of posts, but we thought it might be good to show you a few of our favorite ones! This small selection of posts will hopefully give you an idea of what kind of articles that you can expect to find on our blog.

Good luck,

Russell and Maleah

How We Made $10,879.9 Online in 30 Days!                                                               How We Made $10K+ Online in 30 Days!


How We Made $10K+ Online in 30 Days!


                                                          5 Easy Ways To Make $100+ in Under 7 Days