How We Increased Pinterest Traffic To Our Blog 2000% in 14 Days

How to Create Viral Pinterest Images

Sometimes the smallest change (usually something that you know is important but have ignored) can cause How to Create Viral Pinterest Images is the BEST Pinterest course that will skyrocket your pinterest traffic! It worked wonders for us and increased our blog traffic by 20,000 views per day!explosive positive results beyond your wildest dreams.

Disclosure: There are some affiliate links below, but these are all products we highly recommend. We won’t put anything on this page that we haven’t verified and/or personally used.

It may be a business connection that you make that opens the doors for tremendous business growth. It might be a decision you make to start a blog or a new side hustle to make extra income.

For us it was investing in an online Pinterest course called: The Perfect Pin: How to Create Viral Pinterest Images

HERE is a link to The Perfect Pin course

In this article, we want to share with you how we used the information in this course to TRIPLE our Pinterest traffic to this financial blog in just a few days.

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Our Pinterest Story

Here is a screenshot of our Pinterest analytics, that shows our crazy Pinterest growth explosion, just days after we completed The Perfect Pin: How to Create Viral Pinterest Images course.

How to Create Viral Pinterest Images

Our pinning strategy primarily focuses on pinning our own website content. We pin about 100 pins a day of our own and about 20 -30 pins from other people’s content.

As you can see from the screenshot, we are relatively new to Pinterest and we had experienced steady but slow growth in the exposure our pins were receiving. We had incorporated all the standard advice that is in almost every single Pinterest course, which includes:

  • Join good group boards (50+) with high re-pin rates and a large number of followers.
  • Set up your own boards with GREAT keyword descriptions.
  • Apply for Rich Pins for your blog or website and verify your site so that Pinterest ‘trusts’ it more.
  • Grow your Pinterest following.
  • Sign up for a business account on Pinterest so that you access to the analytics on Pinterest.
  • Use high quality images that appeal to a feminine audience.
  • Pin consistently.
  • Join facebook groups that offer ‘repin threads’ to help increase pin engagement.

After coming across Jeff Proctor and his site Breaking The One Percent, we realized that he had experienced a much more rapid viewer growth curve on Pinterest – 10 times higher growth in much less time that we had been working on it!

I had to ask – what was Jeffs secret? He is in the same niche, his content is great but similar to ours and he is a member of a lot of the same Pinterest group boards.

The answer was that his Pins attract more attention, get re-pinned and people click through to his website much more often than they do with our pins. Jeff currently gets more than 150,000 views on his blog every month just from Pinterest.

Jeff asserts that Pin design is ESSENTIAL for generating high levels of engagement on Pinterest.

How to Create Viral Pinterest Images

I bought the course while it was on sale for $25 (normally it is $47). We live in an amazing time period when you can make a $25 investment and within a few days triple your income from a blog!

The main aim of the course is to teach you how to make amazing pins that standout on the Pinterest SmartFeed. It covers the Pinterest basics but the real value is in the pin design tutorials. Check out the course contents to see the different chapter topics, etc.

The course content is clear and very easy to understand. We were creating higher performing pins almost immediately after finishing the course. Jeff discusses all the subtle nuances of creating compelling pins. Topics such as branding pins, off brand pins, pin design for websites clicks and pin design for maximum sharing etc have all been very helpful for us.

Examples Of How Our Pins Have Changed

Here is an example of how our pins changed for the better after taking the How to Create Viral Pinterest Images course. I think it is pretty clear which pin performed better. The pin on the right, was designed after we finished the course. It has 100 times more re-pins, despite being a much more recent pin than the one on the left.


            BEFORE                                               AFTER

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The pins below are both linked to the same blog article. The pin on the left has 40 click throughs and the pin on the right has 4,000 in just 5 days! In the How to Create Viral Pinterest Images course Jeff promises that you will see at least 2,000 extra website clicks per month if you implement his pin design strategies. Well that metric has been surpassed with just the pin on the right within days of creating it!



              BEFORE                                                              AFTER

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About Jeff Proctor – The Course Creator

How to Create Viral Pinterest ImagesJeff Proctor runs two websites (Breaking The One Percent and DollarSprout) both sites are financial blog style websites. He is extremely talented at driving traffic to his websites using Pinterest.

Here is why I listen to everything that Jeff has to say about Pinterest.

Pins Jeff makes reach over 4M users per month on Pinterest.

30 of his pins have over 1K repins. Several over 5K.

Breaking The One Percent has over 150,000 views per month from Pinterest (this is amazing considering it is a relatively new site!). This is clearly a guy that you should listen to if you are looking to grow your blog or Pinterest traffic.

I have personally reached out to Jeff several times via email and he has given me extra tips and tricks to improve my pins even further. This is pretty rare for a busy blogger and an incredibly valuable opportunity to improve and grow our blog even more.


This amazing course teaches you everything that you need to know about how to make truly great pins. We have created a dozen or so pins using the strategies outlined in the course and within a week we had our first 1,000 views to this blog in a single day. Before the course, our views were a dismal 50-100 views per day. We can imagine that with some experimentation and work, we will likely reach the 200,000+ views per month from Pinterest as Jeff does.

The value for money is out of this world, so we highly recommend buying this course if you are serious about growing your traffic from Pinterest! Hurry, because Jeff could easily charge 10x for the course given the value he provides!

Good luck,

Russell and Maleah

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