8 Reasons to Self-Host Your Blog With Bluehost

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Bluehost Review

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8 Reasons to Self-Host Your Blog With Bluehost! If you want to start a money making blog be sure to host it with Bluehost to maximize your money making potential!

You have come to the right place if you want to learn how to create a blog by yourself (self-hosting with Bluehost is the way to go!) and get started as easily as possible on WordPress.

Blogging has changed so many peoples lives (including ours) and the potential to earn thousands of dollars per month is very real!

We personally made over $10,500 through affiliate links in our posts on just our main stock trading blog in September 2017! You can read the income report to see how we made this money online.

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The business model for blogging is one of the best out there! Startup costs are exceptionally low (typically just a few dollars for hosting and domain name).

No other business that is capable of generating thousands of dollars per month in revenue can be started with so little risk and low capital investment! All from the comfort of your own home.

To help you start as cheaply as possible, we have a discounted rate with Bluehost, for you to host your website if you go through our link to buy hosting from Bluehost HERE.

Get a FREE domain name for a year included with your Bluehost purchase!

We personally use Bluehost for all our websites and they provide exceptional value for just a few dollars per month. Bluehost might increase the price at any time so be sure to sign up for hosting (this is required for a blog or website) so that you don’t miss out!

WordPress Blog for Passive Income

If you’re looking to cheaply start a WordPress blog, then choosing Bluehost for your hosting is your only answer. Bluehost is a great web host and we personally have many years of excellent experience with them. This blog is hosted by them – as are all our other successful websites.

How We Made $10k+ Online in 30 Days

Trading Stocks and Blogging about our experiences has changed our lives forever. We make thousands of dollars per month from our websites and blogs.

We earned over $6,500 last month alone! Below is our affiliate dashboard for just one affiliate product that we sell through our stock trading website (not this site). These commissions came in while we were just going about our day!

What would you do with an extra $5,000, $10,000 or $100,000 passive income a month?

Read all of our detailed income reports for more information on the income that we make from our blogs.


We work from home, we travel, we own other fun companies and enjoy true freedom. We have flexible schedules and move around a lot.

Our lives are amazing and we can’t believe how far things have come in just the past few years. This is all thanks to our blogs and websites!

Anyone who wants it enough can make money with a blog or website. Usually you can make the blog hosting costs back very quickly indeed.

Blog hosting gets you many useful tools and a custom domain name, lots more themes and a better looking blog overall. I promise you that the small amount you pay will seem like nothing in a few weeks!

Bluehost is the most popular web hosting company and you can start your own blog with them for as low as $2.75 a month (low price is through this link and can change)!

Why You Need to Have a Self-hosted Blog

You may be tempted to avoid paying the $2.75 per month and go for one of the free blogging platforms. This in our opinion is a huge mistake! If you ever want to make money from your blog from any product or affiliate link, then trust me, you MUST use a paid hosting service like Bluehost.

Added Bonus: You will not be limited with your choice of ads that you use to make money if you use Bluehost.

You get a FREE domain with Bluehost!

Use the helpful box below to search and see if your website domain name is available!

The tools and plugins that you can use to collect emails, pop-up ads, etc. are very powerful money making tools that are only possible if you use a self-hosted blog.

Many companies that want to advertise with you will NOT be interested if you have some free blogger site because they don’t see them as professional – this alone is a huge reason to go with a Bluehost self-hosted website.

Main Advantages of Bluehost

  1. Bluehost is very easy to use with WordPress. Bluehost will immediately install WordPress for you when you purchase hosting with them.
  2. You get a free domain if you go with Bluehost.
  3. Very cheap blog/website hosting with Bluehost. $2-$3 per month is hard to beat!
  4. If you want to monetize your blog/website you NEED to be self hosted.
  5. There is great technical support and a solid money back guarantee.
  6. Very fast page load time – good for SEO! Page load speed is about 500ms.
  7. Very few ‘down periods’ i.e your site will be up and running 99.98% the time.
  8. Very easy to use.

So go NOW to Bluehost (our discount link) once you purchase hosting they will walk you through setting up your FREE wordpress blog etc.

Common Complaints About BluehostHere are 8 reasons that convinced us to self-host our blog using Bluehost. If you want to make money online with your blog, you absolutetly MUST self-host your blog so that it can be monetized properly!

Here are some of the complaints you might hear about Bluehost. Honestly, they are not very relevant to bloggers unless your site is very large or you are trying to do some weird and wonderful things with your site.

1. Customer support is not very responsive.

2. You have to commit to 36 months of hosting to get the cheap rate (this is a good thing in my mind!).

3. Site migration does cost you a little money – it is not 100% free.


Get a FREE domain name for a year included with your Bluehost purchase!

We hope you enjoyed our short Bluehost review. Starting a blog that is self-hosted and learning how to make money can make you a few thousands dollars extra every single month. Don’t make the same mistake that we made when we first started (we went for a free blog) that lost us so much time and money in the end.

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Bluehost Review: Why You Should Self-Host Your Blog. We have used Bluehost for our websites for years and love it! You cannot beat Bluehost on price or performance!

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