Ebates Review: How To Make Money With Ebates

We love to save money online by using coupons, finding the best deals and using cash back websites.  How To Make Money With Ebates - my personal review of the best cash back site on the internet!Today we want to share a popular site with you that we use to save money every month.

Disclosure: There are some affiliate links below, but these are all products we highly recommend. We won’t put anything on this page that we haven’t verified and/or personally used.

We use a site called Ebates to save money simply by shopping through the links on the Ebates site. This review shows you exactly what we spent over the last few months to make over $100 with no extra effort!

So if you want to know exactly how to make money with Ebates be sure to read this review and let us know in the comments below how much you were able to make just by buying stuff you would have purchased anyway!

We use several different cash back sites (e.g. Swagbucks and MyPoints) so we have extensive experience with these types of sites and how they operate.

We have come to the conclusion that Ebates is the BEST cash back website available today!

Sign-up here with Ebates to get your $10 Welcome Bonus! Honestly, if you are buying stuff online already, you will not regret doing it through Ebates and making $100’s extra every few weeks!

How Does Ebates Work ?

Ebates gives you cash back when you buy something through one of the 2,000+ stores that they are affiliated with. They are able to do this because they essentially split an affiliate commission with you!

The retailer pays Ebates when the customer purchases through an Ebates link and Ebates splits it 50/50 with the customer. Pretty simple and awesome system right? This simple system is how they are able to give you a few percent cash back on so many different products and vendors.

Our Experience With Ebates

We have made about $100 recently for buying stuff through Ebates links – all this is stuff we had to buy anyway! We put together this table (below) to show you exactly what we bought and the cash back we have received from Ebates recently.

Ebates has a relationship with thousands of vendors but we only used Jet, Amazon, Priceline and Dell during the last couple of months. Buying through Ebates was no more difficult or time consuming than visiting the sites as we normally would.

Perhaps an $100 extra in a couple months might not seem like a lot of extra money, but you could easily increase this by buying your essential products (that you can’t find on Ebates) through other cash back sites (I highly recommend Swagbucks and MyPoints). All of these cash back sites are 100% free and simple to sign up for, so you might as well sign-up for ALL of them to ensure maximum cash back potential.


Is Ebates A Scam ?

One of the questions that I see asked most often about cash back sites like Ebates is: Are they are ‘scams’ ? I can understand how they might seem too good to be true, but when you understand how they work through sharing affiliate commissions, it is obvious that they are genuine, legal and sensible sites to use. Ebates is certainly NOT a scam! Here is a screenshot of our earnings from Ebates (below).  We have received $32.99 from Ebates, with the check mailed to our home address. The payment process was easy and very prompt. Our second check for $67.40 will be mailed to us this month.

Total Cash Back so far: $100.39

 How To Make Money With Ebates

How To Make Money With Ebates: Bonus TipHow To Make Money With Ebates - my personal review of the best cash back site on the internet! Such an easy way to make money online, honestly get started with EBATES today! Extra cash online for shopping as you normally would is always welcome!

Most people don’t realize but you can use any other discounts or reward cards in-conjunction with purchasing via the Ebates links – compound and increasing the amount of savings that you make! For example, if you get Amazon reward points with your favorite credit card, you will STILL get those points in addition to the 3% – 6% cash back by using the Ebates link.

Make sure to check out Ebates often, especially around the holidays. On certain holidays they often offer double cash back at certain stores. We purchased a laptop on Columbus day and we got 10% cash back, instead of the usual 5% that they usually offer for Dell. It saved us $55!

How To Make Money With Ebates: Conclusions

We hope that you have found this short article on How To Make Money With Ebates useful and that you will sign-up for Ebates (and get the $10 Bonus!) and give it a try.

Ebates is free and can save you thousands of dollars on products that you would have to buy anyway! Ebates often runs double cash back promotions during the holiday seasons and it is the perfect time to be saving some of your hard earned money.

Unfortunately, if you are looking to save money on groceries then Ebates will not really help you. There are a few grocery saving apps and websites though (e.g. SavingStar) that will help you get cash back on your grocery shopping expenses!

Russell and Maleah


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