Online Income Reports: How We Make Money

Online Income Reports: How We Make Money

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Disclosure: There are some affiliate links below, but these are all products I highly recommend. I won’t put anything on this page that I haven’t verified and/or personally used.

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Here are some of our other online income reports for you to check out.

Income Report September 2017 – $10,533.28

Income Report October 2017 – $2,251.07

Income Report December 2017 – $10,879.9


Welcome to our first ever blogging income report! This page is where you will find links to our other income reports from blogging about making money and stock trading!

We are super passionate about blogging and making online income (you can read more about our story here) and these income reports are the results of a few years of building our blogs part-time while we worked on other businesses (‘real’ world businesses).

Why Do We Share Our Online Income Reports?How We Earn Up To $10,000+ Every Month Blogging! We publish blog income reports that explain how we make money online with our blogs. This is a must read if you want to make money blogging.

We have been told we are nuts for sharing the details of our online income. Here are the three main reasons that we do it.


  1. We have made every mistake in the book so far….we are really hoping that by sharing our income reports, we will help YOU avoid our mistakes!
  2. When we first started blogging, we were very inspired by other peoples online income reports. I am not sure we would have kept at it if we had not known what was possible! Our online income reports show that it IS possible to make money online.
  3. We also like to look back over our previous income reports to keep ourselves motivated and to learn what is working well for us and what needs improvement.

Remember it only takes 5-10 minutes to set-up a new blog with WordPress and Bluehost and the income that you can earn from blogging is unlimited!

Hopefully these income reports will prove to people that it is possible to create your own income, be your own boss and live a life of financial freedom and happiness without following the conventional 9-5 path.

June 2017 Income Report – $6,729.54

It only takes 10 mins to create your very own blog that makes money!


Be sure to check out my recommendations page for tons of exceptionally useful tools that we have used to make money online. We love them all and I am sure you will as well!

Well, this was our best month so far for affiliate income earnings! The total commissions generated for the month of June 2017, from the four affiliate programs that we are currently promoting was about $6,730.

This is a significant income – so we have been inspired to write our first online income report!

The majority of the commissions came from a stock trading educational product (screen shot shown below) that made us $6,327 in affiliate commissions in June 2017. Some of the individual commissions were as large as $1,000 each!

make money blogging

What We Did In June 2017 To Make Money Blogging

This month has really opened our eyes to the power of high paying affiliate programs that have excellent sales funnels. In the coming months, we are going to continue to focus on promoting and finding new high ticket, high quality affiliate programs instead of fighting for $28 commission from Amazon :).

Here is a break down of commissions and what we did differently in June 2017.

  1. We joined Wealthy Affiliate in June. I think this resource will be very helpful going forward! There are so many great people on the site that we can get advice from. Wealthy Affiliate also seems to have a world class affiliate program – it has everything that we look for in an affiliate program. The commissions are a bit low but they are recurring. We did not promote the affiliate program for Wealth Affiliate in June so no sales from that in this report.
  2. $28.02 – We made a small amount from my Amazon affiliate niche website (read more about my Amazon site here). It is an entirely passive income website that we bought from Flippa ($4,000, yup we got ripped off!), mainly to learn how to make money from Amazon niche sites. We have been a little sad about the lack of decent income from the site but it is like having a passive money tree so we can’t complain. I have included a screen shot of our June 2017 earnings from the site below.

make money blogging

3. $253.10 – We made this from one of our stock trading websites that promotes stock trading educational products. We get a 30% affiliate commission that is recurring when someone buys a monthly subscription to any of the stock picking newsletters.

4. $6,327.00 – This was generated by one of our other stock trading affiliate sites. I will be revealing the exact strategy and products that we sell in the coming months so please check back for future updates.

5. $121.42  – ClickBank commissions for a stock trading affiliate program. We just started promoting using ClickBank affiliate programs.

Total commissions for the month of June 2017 =$6,729.54How We Made $6,000+ Blogging in 30 Days. How We Earn Up To $10,000+ Every Month Blogging! We publish blog income reports that explain how we make money online with our blogs. This is a must read if you want to make money blogging.

Usually, we average just over $2,000 a month with affiliate marketing as a side business. However, in May and June we focused entirely on the affiliate marketing business to see what was possible. We have been doing this on the side for 4 years but we are finally starting to think that a full time living may be possible with affiliate marketing!

Wealthy Affiliate has some great training and we are looking forward to getting more involved with the WA community!

Does anyone have any suggestions for good high ticket affiliate products? Higher paying affiliate products seem to be the secret to make money blogging.


Russell and Maleah


Other Income Reports

Here are our other income reports from both this blog and others that we run. We hope you can get some inspiration and ideas from how we make income from these blogs that help you build your own extra online income streams.

We are not planning to publish an online income report every single month, just when we want to share some new techniques or programs that are making us money! The goal will be to inspire you to try some of the programs or methods that we have had success with.

Income Report August 2017 – $2,338.81

Income Report September 2017 – $10,533.28

Income Report October 2017 – $2,251.07

Income Report December 2017 – $10,879.9