MyPoints Review – How To Earn Gift Cards

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MyPoints Review

MyPoints Review
MyPoints shopping rewards are a way to make some extra money in the form of gift cards (my favorite rewards are Amazon gift cards, I probably spend waaaaay to much time shopping on Amazon…)!

MyPoints is a website that rewards people for taking small actions online. Here is just a few ways that you can make some much needed extra money using MyPoints.

  1. Using the MyPoints search engine instead of google. MyPoints will reward you for doing this.
  2. Digital grocery coupons can be found on MyPoints. This is a good habit to get into!
  3. You can earn points for shopping at your favorite online stores like Groupon, eBay and Walmart.
  4. Completing some short surveys on MyPoints can earn you some nice rewards as well. (I love SurveyMomma for paid surveys as well).

My wife and I signed up for MyPoints and we have found it to be a very nice tool for getting cash back on purchases and making a little extra money.

For example we got 1500 (almost worth a $10 Amazon gift card!) when we purchased a Hulu subscription through MyPoints. Not bad considering we were going to buy it anyway!

This is the secret to making money with MyPoints, Ebates and SwagBucks etc. MyPoints Review - We love all cash back sites and Mypoints is in our top 3 for easy cash back! If you develop the habits of purchasing what you always purchase but doing it through the MyPoints link, then you can effectively save hundreds if not thousands of dollars per year.

MyPoints has over 75 partner stores so you are not just limited to being paid in Amazon gift cards. Sign-up here (it is free!) to see the full list of partners that MyPoints work with.

MyPoints Signup Bonus

Another nice feature of MyPoints is that you will get a $10 Gift Card when you join MyPoints and spend $20 or more with a qualified partner.

So between the signup bonus and our first couple of purchases through the MyPoint links, we made about $20 the very first day of using MyPoints.

How To Get Started

MyPoints was one of the original gift card reward sites. We love that you can simply browse the internet or purchase through MyPoints links, earn points and then cash them in for a gift card to one of the partner stores. The whole process is very easy, simple and straightforward. To get started simply go to MyPoints and register for a free account. It only takes 1 minute to sign-up and you can start earning points right away.

Check out this MyPoints review in the video below for more information about the company and what you can expect.

Bonus Tips for Maximizing Your MyPoints Earnings

  • Complete your MyPoints profile for an easy 60 points.
  • Install the MyPoints search bar – very important! Everytime you search for something online you will earn points for it!
  • Subscribe to their newsletter – you can get 5 points for every click on the promotional offers. These offers can be quite lucrative.
  • Refer Friends – You receive a 25 point bonus for every friend that you refer to MyPoints. Then you will receive 10% of what they earn for life! This can really add up if you refer a lot of friends who use the site regularly.
  • Surveys – You can get 50 points just for letting a company know what you think about certain products etc. I like the surveys on MyPoints but I have found more lucrative paid surveys (e.g. SurveyMomma, check them out here).
  • Cash Out Carefully – Once you have earned some points, carefully check what the various partner merchants will give you for those points. It is not consistent across the board – some will give you a $10 gift card for 1000 points while others may want 1500 in exchange for a $10 gift card.

Disadvantage of MyPoints

The only major problem with Mypoints is you might get quite a few emails that you don’t want. This has not been a big problem for us as the spam filters on Gmail do a good job of filtering out the unwanted junk.


I highly recommend signing up for MyPoints. It is very user-friendly, legit and pay us on time. I hope that you found this MyPoints review helpful.

If you are interest in the other ways to make some extra money and rewards, check out our most popular page that gives a list of the best ways to make extra money from home.

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