Top 3 Cash Back Websites For Frugal Moms

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We are quite frugal, despite our household income being above average. Just a few years ago we were struggling to make ends meet and we developed a few frugal habits that have remained, despite our increased income. One tactic to save money that we have used is cash back websites.

What Are Cash Back Websites?These top 3 cash back websites will change the way you shop online FOREVER! Check them out and be prepared to never go back to the way you use to shop online!

Cash back websites are really cool. All you have to do is sign-up for the various sites then shop like you normally would through the sites links to your normal online shopping stores.

The shopper uses the cash back site to shop for products via the sites affiliate links.

Instead of pocketing the affiliate commissions, the cash back site gives a percentage BACK to the shopper as a kind of thank you bonus for shopping through their affiliate links.

So the shopper makes money back and the cash back site makes a small commission. Everyone benefits!

When you use cash back sites, you get cash back from the site which can be anything from 1% – 40% ! Additionally, you very often receive coupons, special deals and promo codes. You need to ask yourself why you wouldn’t do this!

Yes it really is that easy and these sites are nearly always FREE to sign-up for and use.

Cash back  sites are a great habit to get into and the savings can really add up over years and when combined with other ways to make extra money.

Top 3 Best Cash Back Sites

There are many cash back websites to choose from – some are great but some are NOT so good. Here are the best cash back websites that we use regularly and save a ton of money with.

Ebates gives you FREE money for shopping

EbatesEbates is a brilliant way to make money by doing…. nothing new! Just signup and don’t change your spending habits to see the savings and gift card rewards mount up! If you sign up to Ebates using our link you will receive a $10 sign up bonus!

Be sure to look out for double cash back days (usually holidays). We recently purchased a Laptop through Ebates and got $55 back just for that! The last few months we made about $100 cash back from shopping through Ebates alone. They deal with all the major online stores so there is no problem finding the right link to shop through. We only purchase essential items through Ebates, things that we would be buying anyway so we might as well get cash back for them!

Remember you can still use online discount coupons when you shop through these cash back sites. Crazy savings!


Mypoints – offer some nice cash back rewards for shopping online in a similar fashion to Ebates! You Earn Points for shopping at your favorite online stores like Groupon, eBay and Walmart.

You even get a $10 Gift Card when you join MyPoints and spend $20 or more with a qualified partner. We really love MyPoints (check out our in-depth review here).

Mypoints also offers some other earning modalities like completing paid surveys and surfing the net for gift card rewards. These are nice bonuses but we really only use the cash back shopping rewards.

Check out the best cash back websites out there! Ebates, Mypoints and Swagbucks all offer great cash back and tons of other ways to make money! If you are a frugal mom or a student looking to save money then this post is for you!


SwagBucks is something that we use to earn some Amazon gift cards with very little work. They are a very well known company and very trust-worthy.

 Cash Back Websites

You can use SwagBucks just like Google for online searches. However, with SwagBucks you get reward points (called SB) for the things you do through their website.

Then, when you have enough SB’s, you can redeem them for cash, gift cards, and more. You’ll receive an SB (Worth $3) sign-up bonus just for signing up today!

Swagbucks review!

The Best Cash Back Websites – Conclusions

If you want to maximize your cash back rewards for shopping online, I recommend signing up for the BEST cash back websites that are discussed above – the more the better as you will cover more shopping opportunities with more sites. These sites have all proved so useful for saving more money when shopping online!

We really believe that your financial situation can change but you have to experiment with new things. It is amazing how many people have never heard of these sites (Swagbucks, Ebates and Mypoints).

If you are super busy and just have time to sign-up for one of these sites – make it Ebates. I promise you will not regret it – it is especially good if you are booking hotels or travel.

Good luck and please let us know of any other great money saving sites that you think other readers would benefit from.

Russell & Maleah

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