13 Ways To Make An Extra $500 Today

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Earning extra money can totally change your life. Finding ways to make an extra $500 today or even just $500 extra every month will allow you to relax a little bit and enjoy life without stressing about money.Wow these are awesome ways to make extra money when you need it! Love how these money making ideas can help people to escape the 9-5 grind! #makemoney #makemoneyonline #makeextramoney

Living pay check to pay check is a horrendous way to live life, but it is very common.  But trust us, it does not need to be YOUR life. We escaped this ‘modern day slavery’ and talk a lot on this blog about how we did it!

Despite what we were taught as kids, money DOES buy happiness, to some extent. It allows you stability and takes away the worry of how you will get your bills paid. At the very least it buys you FREEDOM. It allows you to spend more time with your loved ones and allows you to save money for a rainy day fund.

We hope that you find some inspiration and some new ideas on how to make extra money from the list below. We always recommend starting a blog as the best way to make extra money. This is not on the list below because it is unlikely that you can make $500 a day from a brand new blog that you start today. However, your future self will thank you for doing it – our websites and blogs help us to make thousands of dollars extra every month !

If you need help getting started with a blog, check out our step-by-step tutorial that shows you how to set up a blog the right way.

We have seen such an overwhelming positive response to our recent article The 5 Easiest Ways To Make $100 in Under 7 Days that we just had to try do it even better!

So let’s get started with these awesome ways to make an extra $500 TODAY.

13 Ways To Make An Extra $500 Today

1. Take surveys online.

Big brands are always trying improve their products and marketing by collecting market research from their users and customers. This is actually a pretty big business and the companies are often prepared to pay some decent money for this information.

Completing paid surveys is a pretty easy way to make some extra money online. Generating income by completing surveys online is almost instantaneous and often you can cash out the very first day you sign-up. Signing up for these companies is 100% FREE and they really do pay you! Here are our readers favorite surveys that will pay you for your opinion.

Survey Junkie – We love this site! Totally legitimate, fast, easy and fun surveys will have you generating income online today! We actually just started working with the company that owns Survey Junkie and we love the management team. They are very professional and work out of offices close to where we lived in LA.


Our other favorite paid survey site is Vindale Research. The surveys offered on Vindale Research are generally quick and easy to complete. The pay per survey is fair and overall we have found the site to be reliable and a legitimate way to make some extra money.

2.  Become a dog walker.

It use to be that dog walking was the realm of the teenager looking to make some extra money. These days it can be a very lucrative way to make some extra money. The statistics are very promising, with full-time dog walkers making an average of $3,300 per month for walking some friendly mutts. Apps like Rover and Wag! have made it possible to walk more dogs and make more income than ever before. They also open up many other opportunities like house sitting. It is very possible to make $500 in a single day walking dogs but you would need to be quite energetic and fit!

3.  Become a personal trainer. Ok so unfortunately, nobody would take me seriously if I tried to be a personal trainer, but it is a decent option for many of you guys! Great rates, low startup costs and with rising levels of obesity, you will be sure of some work.

4.  Child Care. This use to be the realm of the teenager, but now it is a fantastic way for anyone who loves kids to make some easy money.

5. Clean out gutters. One way to make an extra few hundred dollars per day is to do the work that other people do not particularly enjoy. Starting a gutter cleaning business can be quite lucrative! You can charge $100 – $200 per house, typically the work takes 1-2 hours, making it possible to do a few houses in a day.

13 Ways To Make An Extra $500 Today

The work is relatively unskilled, but you have be comfortable with working outside, have a steady head on your shoulders for going up ladders and be physically able to gouge out leaves from people gutters. The start-up costs are very low, really you just need workman gloves, a ladder and some heavy-duty trash bags. The work is season though, with Fall being prime time gutter cleaning season.

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6.  Start a business Raking leaves. This is another seasonal side business to start that can make you $50 per yard. Very easy and very low-cost to start! Try advertising on Craigslist! Check out what real people say they will pay to have their yards raked in the Fall.

13 ways to make an extra $500 today

7.  Sell crafts on sites like Etsy. If you have some skill in making crafts you can sell them on Etsy. My sister makes extra income selling silver jewelry on Etsy that she really enjoys making. There are so many options for things to make and sell!

8.  Become a photographer. Starting a photography business can be very lucrative. The highest paid events are typically weddings, where you can charge thousands of dollars for a few hours work! If you live in a big city like LA, you can also set up a photography business that specializes in ‘head shots’ for aspiring actors and actresses. Very easy money!

9.  Rent a room in your home. The rise of sites like Airbnb have made it much easier to rent out any spare bedrooms that you have in your house. This can be a very easy way to make some decent money without really doing any work. We have rented out rooms in our house and we made an extra $1,500 per month. Screening your potential tenants extremely carefully is very important….enough said about that :).

How To Start A Blog That Makes Money!

10.  House sitting. This is an interesting one – often you will not get paid to stay in a person’s house, but if your lease is up then house sitting could be an easy way to live for free. Ok I admit this is a stretch in terms of ‘making’ money but it is still a cool way to save money on rent and see some interesting new places.

11.  Sign up for a focus group. Focus groups can pay you as much as $200 per hour for your participation. A focus group is a diverse group of people who give opinions or are studied in a market research setting to predict how a particular product or service will be received by the general population. Typically, the time commitment is only a couple of hours.  These are often available at your local university (I participated in one in the psychology department at my local university). Look for notices around campus and on Craigslist for opportunities to participate in these study groups. Focus Group Finder is a great resource for finding focus groups both online and offline to participate in.

12.  Participate in medical studies. These can be quite lucrative ($500 – $2,000 per study). Covance is a site that is worth checking out if you are interested in making some money from medical studies. You can even participate if you have no existing conditions! You local university will probably also have some of these available with ads placed around campus and on craigslist.

13.  Get paid for searching the web.

Swagbucks is a site that will pay you to search via their browser. You can also complete surveys and play games for extra cash! Swagbucks is completely free, so we recommend trying it out.

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