The 5 Easiest Ways To Make $100 in Under 7 Days

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Unfortunately we live in a world where sometimes we just need cash…..NOW. An unexpected car repair bill, rent is 5 easy ways to make extra money fast! Read how to EASILY make $100-$200 or more from the comfort of your own home! due or there is just simply more month than money.

In this article we will show you the Easiest Ways To Make $100 in Under 7 Days!


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In this case, starting a blog is not really an option (An online business can take months or even years to produce a substantial income, but be sure to start one today so that in the future you don’t need to read an article like this one!).

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How We Earn Up To $10K+ Blogging Every Month

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If you want to change your financial situation by thousands of dollars per month, this particular article will not help you very much (other than the advice above about starting a money making blog).

However, if you are looking to make $100-$200 extra per week as side income then please read on! It really is pretty easy to make some extra money with a few side hustles.

Let me show you exactly how we do it. I actually think you can make $100 per day from these methods if you dedicate yourself to them and treat them like ‘real’ jobs.

1. Get Paid For Your Opinion With Paid Survey Sites

If you are looking to make some extra income, then you should consider completing paid surveys. With these legitimate online survey sites, you can earn easily $1,000/month!

The work is boring and mindless at times but survey sites like ensure that you have a steady stream of surveys that you are qualified for. Here are the most popular survey sites that our readers love and that we use on a daily basis.

OpinionCity is a fantastic survey site that you can earn up to $500 a week just for giving your opinion!

If you can sign-up for just two survey sites I highly recommend OpinionCity AND Survey Junkie (below). Both are FREE!

Survey Junkie is one of my all time paid survey favorites!

We Reviewed Survey Junkie – Check it out!

VIP Voice is a very highly rated survey site that has some easy surveys that pay very well!

Survey Momma is a great site that emails you surveys that you qualify for from a lot of different survey sites.

Swagbucks ($5 bonus for signing up and confirming your email address and some great surveys).

Vindale Research (The pay per survey completion time is very good. A few minutes can earn you $2+ or more.)

Pinecone Research (Very exclusive survey site that pays very well but is hard to get accepted to).

10 Side Hustles To Massively Increase Your Income!

Most surveys only take 10 mins or so to complete and they are perfect if you have a few hours of time in the evening to just complete as many as possible. Earning $10 every day or so is a relatively easy target to aim for with these sites.

Here is a screenshot from SurveyJunkie, where I was able to make $10 in just an hour or so. This was from JUST Survey Junkie in a short period of time! You can probably start to see that making $100 in 7 days is not hard – you can do it from the comfort of your own home!

Ways To Make $100 in Under 7 Days


If you focus on completing surveys from the list above, you can easily make $100 in 7 days without even reading on!

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2. Test Websites

Did you know you can get paid for simply testing some websites? Website testers get paid to test websites and record their thought processes as they navigate the site. Each test only takes about 10 minutes or so and is less tedious than completing paid surveys.

Sites like and TryMyUI will pay you $10 per test! This is so easy and works out to be $30-$40 per hour! The difficulty in scaling website testing to a significant income is that typically you are only offered a few tests per week. This can be mitigated by signing up for a lot of different user testing sites.

6 Ways To Make Money Testing Websites!

You will need a good laptop for this side hustle. You are usually required to take a short test where the company asks you to complete a task (I had to navigate around the BestBuy website and give my thoughts on how easy it was to choose a digital camera).

Your screen will be recorded and your voice will be recorded as you walk through finding something on a particular site. Your face is NOT recorded during the tests or actual paid work. I have joined two sites and passed the tests both times with no problems – the barrier of entry is not that high!

User testing websites is very easy money but it is quite hard to get a lot of hours. I made $10 in 10 mins (screenshot below) but nothing for a few days. This may be different for different demographics though.

Ways To Make $100 in Under 7 Days


3. Rent Out A Room In Your House on AirBnB

We did exactly this and wow it pays well! We rented all three of our spare bedrooms out on AirBnB and made $800 per room per month! That is $2400 extra per month! We locked in longer term contracts for similar rates. What a great passive income stream! Yes we had to give up some privacy but it was worth it for such easy extra money.

If you own your own place you could make money as soon as this weekend by renting out a room! AirBnB do a great job vetting applicants and you get paid very promptly.


Ways To Make $100 in Under 7 Days


4. Collect $20 From Ebates and MyPoints


If you want to earn $20 for just a few minutes of your time then you have to sign-up for Ebates and MyPoints.

These sites are cash back websites where you can earn money back for your online shopping!The attraction of both these sites in the short term is that they both offer $10 signup bonuses  (it is free to join them). Ebates and MyPoints as rewards programs that help you save a ton of money in the long term as well.

How To Make Money With Ebates
Check out our Ebates review!

Since most people do all their shopping online, if you aren’t using these sites to get a few percent cash back on every purchase then you are leaving money on the table.

Signup for BOTH and get $20 – they are both free and legitimate sites so you honestly have nothing to lose!

5. Cleaning Houses On Craigslist

We were very surprised to find that cleaning houses (e.g. for people moving out of rentals etc) is a surprisingly lucrative business. The going rate for cleaners is NOT minimum wage like you would expect if you applied to be a maid at a hotel.

On Craigslist, we have hired people for $30 per hour and this seems to be at the low end of the pay scale! We couldn’t believe it either – perhaps it has to do with everyone gaining college degrees and refusing to ‘stoop’ to cleaning jobs.

13 Ways To Make An Extra $500 Today
13 Ways To Make An Extra $500 Today!

So if you don’t mind some light cleaning work, check out your local Craigslist for some extra income generating work. If you want the best jobs you have to be fast to respond to the client, professional and offer a great deal.

Ways To Make $100 in Under 7 Days

Conclusions on Ways To Make $100 in Under 7 Days

I hope that you have found some new ideas in this article for making $100+ in 7 days or less. I want to be clear that this is NOT a difficult task and that most people never actually try to make money outside of their 9-5 job.

I also want to make it clear that I am not advocating these side hustles for long term wealth generation – they are not for that! Exchanging time for money should be a temporary fix while you build your online business or other cash generating assets.

100+ Ways To Make Extra Money

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5 easy ways to make extra money fast! Read hot to EASILY make $100-$200 or more from the comfort of your own home! Making money from home is possible and you CAN do it!




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