6 Ways To Make Money By Testing Websites

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Did you know that it is possible to make money testing websites ? It is very easy, pays well and it hardly even feels like work! Usability testing websites is a HUGE money making industry.Thanks for posting these ways to make money by testing websites! I have tried all of these websites and they are awesome and pay really well! If you are looking for some ways to make extra money online check these ideas out!

As bloggers, we know how important it is to have a website that has great user usability.

Blogs and websites take ALOT of work and nothing is more annoying than having people find broken links, pages that don’t load or just have them leave because they can’t find what they are looking for.

Not only does a website have to look great on a laptop, it also has to display well and have awesome usability on all the different mobile devices. This is no easy task!

Users don’t want to be frustrated by a website and this issue has led to the rise of several internet companies that will pay people to perform “usability tests” for blog and website owners.

Ways To Make Money Testing Websites

This idea of testing websites for money is relatively new. It is a remarkable opportunity to make some extra money online.

I REALLY wish that these types of opportunities existed when I was a poor college student!

Website testing can be done by anyone that can perform simple tasks like recording their screens while navigating a client’s website.

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How It Works

The way website testing works is very simple. Basically you sign up to be a website tester with one of the companies below. You are usually expected to complete a simple test in order to qualify.

The qualifying test is relatively simple. You are expected to record a simple navigation of a clients website and send the recording in to the examiners. It sounds complicated but you are walked through the recording process and the test only takes a few minutes.

Make Money Testing Websites

Typically, you are asked to find something on the website and just speak your thoughts aloud as you look for it. You generally never have to appear in the video – just your voice and what you are clicking on etc. is shown to the client or examiner.

The test is almost exactly what you will be doing as a website tester, so it lets you get an idea if website testing would be a good fit for you.

Clients get some great feedback from user testers by looking at the testers reactions to the appearance and navigational difficulty of the site. The client or website owner can then use the feedback to improve the site for future customers.

Who Will Qualify To Be A Website Tester?

Anyone who is fluent in English. You will also need a computer attached to the internet and the ability to follow simple instructions.

It helps if you have a clear speaking voice and can articulate your thoughts clearly as you navigate a website, but they usually give you some guidance and examples on high quality website reviews for you to copy.

Ways To Maximize Earnings

  1. Sign-up for as many Website testing sites as possible. This is important because the earnings are only limited by how many opportunities arise. Because of the relatively low barrier to entry, there are way more people wanting to test websites than clients looking for testers. If you want to make as much money as possible you need to sign-up for as many companies as possible.
  2. Some of the opportunities will be offered to mobile device users, so it is helpful if you have multiple different devices (e.g. tablet, phone and laptop) to test on so that you qualify for as many opportunities as possible.
  3. While you are waiting for a website to test, why not try completing some paid surveys for some extra money? We highly recommend Survey Junkie to make some extra cash on the side. Paid surveys are a really easy way to get paid for market research.

Make Money Testing Websites

The Top 6 Sites To Make Money Testing Websites

There is a ton of websites and companies out there that will help you to make money testing websites. Here are our top 6 for you to try out.


UserTesting is one of the best user testing websites out there. The pay is pretty good, you can earn about $15 for 20 minutes of work. To apply just simply submit your email address and do the simple qualification test.

This site is available globally and all you need to receive payment is an active PayPal account. This is our favorite user testing site.


This is our second favorite user testing site. The pay is reasonable – about $10 per test which takes about 20 minutes. of your time. Payments are sent via PayPal (very prompt payment was something we love about these user testing sites). There is a simple qualification test before you can start testing sites for clients and you will be notified via email when new gigs are available.


Enroll is a pretty nice site that will allow you to help improve websites and get paid for it. It offers many flexible tasks like giving feedback on a company logo or testing the usability of an app or website. It is open to anyone in any country and payment is made via PayPal.


This is a cool site that bloggers would find useful to get some feedback on their new blog or website. Basically they pay you $5 to answer a few simple questions about a new blog or website. The pay is usually $5 but sometimes I have come across a company offering $10 for a review. This site pays every week via PayPal and there is a limit of 5 site reviews per day. This limits your potential earnings from this site to a maximum of $175 per week.

Total Monthly Potential Earnings  = $700 (maximum!)


Userfeel is another high quality site that will pay you $10 per 20 minute test of a website. You can earn about $200 extra per month with Userfeel. The usual sample test is required to qualify to be a tester for Userfeel. Payments are made via PayPal on a weekly basis.


Userlytics is the final site that I would like to draw your attention to. Very similar to the other sites, they will pay you to test websites and mobile apps. You just need to register for an account, and then wait for an invite to complete an assignment. Once you’ve completed your assignment, you’ll be paid $10 per task by PayPal.

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13 Ways To Make An Extra $500 Today


We love user testing as a side hustle to make some extra money. The work is quite easy, enjoyable and offers a very reasonable rate of pay.

We hope that the sites listed above will help you make money testing websites! If you sign-up for all of the sites, you could quite easily make an extra $1,000+ every month from user testing websites. Good luck!

Russell and Maleah

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