How A Mom Made $100-$200 Extra Per Month While Breastfeeding

How? She Used Vindale Research Surveys!

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I recently came across a story that I wanted to share with you. I was browsing Youtube and came across a video by a young woman called Lindey Glenn.

She explains in detail how she made $50 every week on a simple paid survey site called Vindale Research (Check it out here). She did this while she was breastfeeding her new baby! The breastfeeding process does not really let the feeder do anything else simultaneously, certainly it is very difficult to make money during the feeding process!

Vindale Research Surveys

After watching her Youtube video (below), I signed up for Vindale Research and within a few minutes I had made $4 from a couple of easy surveys. Vindale Research is a very easy way to make a little extra money!

Vindale Research History

The Vindale Research survey site was one of the first online survey sites that paid people to complete surveys. The site first appeared about 12 years ago and has improved dramatically over the years.

Vindale now has an ‘A-‘ rating from the Better Business Bureau, although a few years ago it was rated only a ‘C’. Clearly, they have been improving the site and the A- rating shows that is a company that can be trusted.

What I Love About Vindale Research SurveysWow check out how this mom made money with paid surveys like Vindale Research even while she was breast feeding! Very inspiring and a must read if you are a new mom looking to make some money from home!

I have experience with many paid survey sites and I must say that my first impression of Vindale Research has been very positive. Here is what I LOVE about the site so far:

  • The pay per survey completion time is very good. A few minutes can earn you $2+ or more.
  • Honesty – if a survey gives an estimated time for completion – my experience with Vindale Research is that the survey can be completed in an even shorter time! This is not my normal experience with paid surveys.
  • Emails that tell you surveys are available – frequent notifications for surveys that I qualify for have impressed me. I rarely get rejected from surveys on the site.
  • I have found that the surveys are very interesting and that they often reveal the details of cool new products that are in development for future release. For example, a survey I completed yesterday introduced me to the features of the new ‘smart speaker’ device (like the Amazon Echo) that will be on sale this Christmas.

Money Making Tip: The ‘Mystery Study’ surveys that Vindale Research emails to you (when they become available) are the highest paid per minute of your time. They generally range from $1-$3 and will only take a couple of minutes of your valuable time. I really only complete the Mystery Study Surveys – usually they are sent to you once or twice every single day. This is probably the best way in my opinion to make a little extra money with Vindale Research.

Vindale Research

I have added Vindale Research surveys to my daily to-do list just for the Mystery Topics feature. I don’t really need to complete surveys that take a long time to complete (I make most of my online income from blogging).

I am a little addicted to completing survey sites though! When I am bored at the grocery store or waiting in a line, I just pull out my cell phone and complete a couple of short surveys – why not use the time productively?

What I Don’t Like About Vindale Research

Unfortunately, the minimum balance that you must have is quite high – you need to earn a minimum of $50 before Vindale will send you payment. This will likely take you anywhere from 3 days to a week to earn, so it is not a huge deal.

However, other sites that I have tried (SurveyMomma, Survey Junkie, Swagbucks etc.) have much lower payout thresholds.


Vindale Research is a great place to begin if you want to make a little extra money doing market research surveys. The survey questions ask about your opinions on products that exist and products that are in development. No skill is required and it is totally free to join Vindale.

When you reach the $50 cash out threshold – you can take a selfie with the check and receive more rewards! There are lots of different ways to make money on the site and I highly recommend that you sign-up and see if Vindale Research Surveys are a good fit for you.

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