100+ Ways to Make Extra Money

100+ Ways to Make Extra Money

On this blog, I discuss how to make extra money by affiliate marketing, investments, businesses, side income, and how to make money online from simple websites. My wife and I have used these methods to stop living paycheck to paycheck over the last few years.

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How To Start A Money Making Blog

Disclosure: There are some affiliate links below, but these are all products I highly recommend. I won’t put anything on this page that I haven’t verified and/or personally used.


5 Easy Ways To Make $100+ in Under 7 Days5 Easy Ways To Make $100+ in Under 7 Days!


We paid off students loans, bought a house and live a life of Unconventional Prosperity by earning extra money online and side hustles – just like the ones you will find below.

How We Made $6,000+ Blogging in 30 Days
How We Made $6,000+ Blogging in 30 Days.

Neither my wife or I have ‘real’ jobs because some of these methods to make extra money have set us free.

Here is my list of all the things we have done over the last few years to make extra money and transform our financial lives.

Note: We have focused on the ‘passive’ methods more than the rather work intensive ones. This is an important long term strategy so that you are not just continually exchanging your time for money. However, if you really need to make some money online as fast as possible skip to #2 in the list below.

The 5 Best Online Paid Survey Sites To Earn Extra Money

100+ Ways to Make Extra Money


100+ Side hustles that you can use today to make you some extra money! This is by far the most comprehensive list of side hustle ideas for busy women and men!

  • Starting a blog is probably one of the best ways to make extra money. It can be done in the evenings, early morning and whenever you have time!If you are relatively patient, then it can be very enjoyable. Patience is required because it can take a bit of time and effort to start seeing results (traffic and income) from a blog.

However, when you make your first ever commission from a website or blog – it is a truly amazing feeling. It is very empowering to know that you can make significant money when you sleep!

How We Earn Up To $10K+ Per Month Blogging

Have a look at my income reports and you will see that we make make thousands of extra dollars every month from online income.

You can DO this too and take it to a whole new level – like Michelle Schroeder-Gardner (Making Sense of Cents Blog).

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner makes $100,000+ every MONTH from her blog.

How amazing is that!? I recently bought her superb course (Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing) where she reveals all her secrets and it has really helped me improve my blogging income.

You can read a review of Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing here.


  • Take online surveys and get paid for your effort. This alone will not make you rich but every little bit can help. I highly recommend Survey Junkie as they are the highest paid that I have found. Check out my list here and sign up for as many of the survey sites as possible – you might as well they are all 100% FREE.
Awesome high paying free survey sites to make extra money online! Thanks so much for posting these survey sites. I LOVE Survey Momma and Survey Junkie. Keep up the awesome posts!
Free Survey Sites That Pay You
  • Gift Card Rewards is a great way to make easy extra money. The difficulty is finding gift card rewards that are not scams. Check out my list of highly recommended gift card rewards and start earning some extra money today! From fast food to prepaid credit cards there are gift card rewards for everyone just waiting to be earned.


  • Shopping Rewards like Ebates can be used to make money without changing your spending habits – you just click through the links on Ebates and you get around 3% – 10% back on all the purchases you make. The nice thing about Ebates is that you would have purchased these goods online anyway so it is like having automatically applied coupon codes to everything! This is much easier than coupon collecting! Check out Ebates for more information and to start getting cash back today.
How To Make Money With Ebates
How We Make Money With Ebates – Review


  • Real Estate Investing is a great way to make extra passive income. Many people think that you need a lot of money to get started doing this, but it is possible with just a few thousand dollars. Check out this useful resource for more information on real estate strategies that will help you make extra money. If you are interested in flipping houses check out this great course by Barbara Corcoran (Shark Tank).


  • Buy a rental property. My wife and I own a rental property that helps us to make extra money every month. Our strategy was to put just 5% down, live in the house for 1 year and then rent it out. We ended up living in it for a couple of years and living for free by renting out the other 3 bedrooms! Now it makes us a few hundred dollars per month profit and is almost entirely a passive income source.



  • Walk Dogs this can be an easy way to make money and stay fit and healthy. I have seen people getting paid $60 per hour in Los Angeles for walking dogs so it can be quite lucrative.


  • Mowing Lawns is not just for kids! Decent money and another this is another side hustle that can help keep you active.


  • Wash Cars to earn extra money. Pretty low cost startup business!


  • Pinterest Affiliate Marketing you can sell products directly on Pinterest – this takes a while to grow but once it is going it can provide a decent amount of passive income. Check out my favorite Pinterest course that massively increased my followers and reach on Pinterest. One of the tricks I have learned recently is that the quality of your pins really matter – check out this low cost high quality online course that revolutionized my Pins and immediately increased my website traffic!


  • Photography a skill that can command a massive hourly rate. Think weddings! I see a lot of people in LA that charge $1000 per hour for ‘head shots’ for aspiring actors.


  • Window Cleaning is another business to make extra money that is low cost to start but pretty labor intensive.


  • Uber Driver – Uber drivers can make up to $35 an hour just driving their car! Most people qualify but you must have a four door car, insurance and a good driving record.


  • Beverage Can/Bottle Return Many states will pay you $0.05 – $0.1 when you return cans and bottles to be recycled. This is not just for homeless people but many college students that I know also do this to make a little extra money. The trick is to have your friends and neighbors leave their empty bottles and cans in a box by your door – this is the only time efficient way to make a few extra hundred dollars per month with very little effort.

100+ Side hustles that you can use today to make you some extra money! This is by far the most comprehensive list of side hustle ideas for busy women and men!

  • Open A Bank Account – Sometimes a bank will pay new customers a few hundred dollars just for opening a bank account with them. My wife and I both did this several times during our college days to make some extra money.


  • Sell Clothes at Buffalo Exchange – Many cities in the USA have secondhand clothing stores where you can sell your unwanted clothes for a reasonable amount.  The clothes should be in good condition for sale. You can often get higher prices for name brand items.


  • Nanny/Babysit is not just a job or teenagers but can be actually be quite lucrative. This especially fun if you are a kid person. Many websites will pair you up with clients who are looking for particular skills or interests. This can be very lucrative if you have special skills that the parent would like their child to learn. Check out Care.com for babysitting jobs and other caretaker jobs.


  • Tutoring can be a rewarding small business. The more difficult and advanced subjects such as math, physics, biology etc. often pay higher rates and are in higher demand.


  • Task Rabbit is a site that matches freelance labor (you) with local people who need jobs done. The site is interesting because it allows consumers to get instant help with everyday tasks, including cleaning, moving, delivery and handyman work. Not the best paid side hustle ever, but it is quick cash.


Swagbucks Review


  • Mypoints shopping rewards are an awesome way to make extra money! You Earn Points for shopping at your favorite online stores like Groupon, eBay and Walmart. Get a $10 Gift Card when you join MyPoints and spend $20 or more with a qualified partner.


  • Survey Junkie is a legitimate survey site that will pay you for your opinions. You simply share your opinion to help brands deliver better products & services. You can expect to earn about $3 per completed survey, not a lot I agree but the surveys are quick and easy.
Survey Junkie Review


  • Sell Your Poop – A hilarious side hustle! I am not kidding! You can make up to about $13,000 every year just by donating your poop!


  • Independent Contracting on Craigslist – This can be a great gig if you need to make some extra money. Helping people move is a lucrative job on Craigslist and just having a truck can earn you big bucks. I met a woman in Seattle that was making $500 a day picking up free couches from the ‘free’ section on Craigslist and then listing them for $100 plus free delivery – pretty amazing business in my opinion!


  • Teach English via Skype. You can be paid $25 per hour for teaching English to people from other countries. You don’t need any special qualifications for this – being a native English speaker is all that is required. Check out some of there sites (Indeed, Learn4Good and Remote.co) for more info.

100+ Ways to Make Extra Money. Supplement Your Income! Start Today! Check out this Awsome List!

  • Teaching Online Courses. If you are skilled in something that others may be interested in learning, consider putting together an online course and selling it on Udemy. This is a fantastic way to get passive recurring income for years to come.


  • Buying and selling websites and domain names. Sites like Flippa.com allow you to buy and sell websites and domains.  You can buy cash flow positive internet businesses on the site but be careful there is a lot of scammers out there.


  • Rent You Car. Cars are money pits – reduce the financial burden by renting yours out on Turo.com – they have a $1 million insurance policy to protect you and drivers are screened carefully.


  • SurveySavvy NO SURVEYS THIS IS A PASSIVE INCOME STREAM. New promotion for US members: Earn $5 per month per device for installing SavvyConnect on your internet connected devices. That is all you have to do – earn an extra $10 -$20 every month just for installing this on your computer. I have it installed on my phone and computer and it doesn’t slow them down or anything. Read more about it here.


  • Trade Stocks for FREE. I use the RobinHood app and I highly recommend it. Trading stocks can make you some decent side income and you can trade with as little as $1. The cool thing is that if you sign up for a free RobinHood account through my link (click here) you can claim a share in a stock for FREE! How cool is that? The price of the share can range from $3.5 all the way to $200 per share! This might not last forever so I would sign up through my link ASAP and claim your FREE SHARE of a stock.


  • Sell your blood plasma for up to about $50 per donation.


  • Donate your sperm/or eggs. Payout is highest for eggs ($5,000-$10,000) while sperm donations are a measly $30-$200.


  • Become a surrogate mother. Pretty extreme way to make some extra money….typical fees are $40k per child. I bet starting a blog is starting to sound much better to you….


  • Sell homemade items at your Saturday market. My sisters makes silver jewellery and sells it for several hundred dollars extra per month.


  • Sell your skills on Fiverr.com. You can charge more than $5 don’t worry! The trick to making money on Fiverr is to offer a course/ebook that you produce just once and takes no time to transfer to a buyer.


  • Get Paid To Lose Weight – Yup this is a real thing! You can earn about $35 per pound that you lose! Check out HealthyWage for more details on how you can bet on yourself and make money!

Make extra money by getting paid $35 per lb that you lose!

  • Captioning – You can get paid $1000+ per month for producing the closed captioning (CC) also known as subtitles that appears at the bottom of the tv screen. You don’t need any special equipment and the barrier for entry is very low. Learn more here.


  • Proof Reading – Check out the article on how they made $30,000 in 10 Months as a New Proofreader! Proof reading is a pretty cool business that you can do from home or traveling!


  • Sell T-shirts – Make some extra passive income by selling T-shirts! Check out this awesome article all about it!



  • Vindale Research – Another great survey site that you can use to get paid for answering a few market research questions regarding exciting new state-of-the-art products that are soon to be released! This is what sets Vindale Research apart from other survey sites. Being introduced to new products before the general public even know it exists AND getting paid for it is just awesome.


  • UserTesting – You can make $20-$30 per hour from home by becoming a website tester. It is very simple, you are asked to navigate around a website. Your actions and commentary are recorded. The video takes about 10 minutes to make and once finished it is submitted to the company. I use UserTesting and it is very easy to make money using it.

More coming soon…

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